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The history of Txopinondo

The beginning

Autumn 1989, on an old press in the Celhay district of Hasparren, a few dozen kilos of apples of the anisa variety give birth to the first liters of our history.

August 1998, 3 kupelas are installed at the 17 of the district Aguerria, in the center of Urrugne, marking the departure of a new agro­alimentary company: the sagarnotegi (eider factory) TXOPINONDO.

January 1999, the first txox of lparralde was released. The sagarno took back an economic place after forty years of absence. The commercialization is done in the form of a micro-business. Thanks to those who believed in our initiative and associated us as a supplier to their projects.

From Urrugne to Ascain since 2001

Our premises could no longer meet the growing demand. We became a limited liability company and we started a search for solutions. The problem was to respect our very precise specifications with the land difficulties of the region. ln the end, it was the village of Ascain and its proposai on the Lan Zelai industrial zone that retained our choice. The essential is thus preserved: to remain in the Basque eider-growing core - that is to say in the cultural influence perimeter of the Guipuzcoan cider-growing villages such as Astigarraga and Hernani.

Since 2004

TXOPINONDO products are made in Ascain, at the foot of La Rhune mountain, and TXOTX meals are celebrated there all year round. Today, more than 20,000 visitors of all ages, from the country and abroad, have corne to taste and buy our eider specialties.

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