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The TXOTX conviviality guarantied

Melting, crispy, grilled, fine eider house cooking. 

Come and discover the history of Sagarno, the oldest drink in the Basque Country and taste our different apple drinks: apple juice, aperitif, spirits, etc. Initiation to Txotx with the cellar master. And for the children txotx with apple juice!

Our generous txuleta, beef ribs are grilled before your eyes on a wood tire. With the cry « Txoxt » from our master of chain you will have leisure to taste our various vintages of Sagarno served directly to the barrel! Other specialities are to be discovered …

Combine the discovery and the Txotx meal! Arrive by 12:00 or 19:00, to discover our production cellar and learn about Txotx before sitting down to dinner at 12:30 or 19:30. You will extend the tasting of our drinks throughout the meal …

Vou have the possibility to view our documentary

“The Sagarno, a Basque pleasure11 before going to the table.”